Hello my name is Mary Louise.about page

I have a small toddler and I am a first time mum. I was amazed at how much stuff she needs for a single outing when leaving the house. As a lover of family outings, and the great outdoors, I decided to invest in some form of non-motorised transport to enable my family a stress free day out. We have all experienced a number of times an over flowed buggy laden with coats, bags, and other miscellaneous items. We witness time and time again the sight of a strong willed over tired toddler refusing to get in their buggy. I was that Mum and I decided that enough is enough. There had to be a solution to this problem and I have created it. That solution is Brandon Wagons.

Our wagon proved popular amongst children, gardeners, festival goers, DIY enthusiasts, photographers and even pet owners. With a solid base and wide pneumatic tyres; the wagon holds a capacity of up-to 150 kg. Brandon Wagons are ideal in tough terrain and have been thoroughly tested on all sorts of grounds including sand and snow!

You can order through our website or keep a look out for us on local days out including Gardening shows and events. We are the must have festival transport this year and with recent feedback from our brand rocketing amongst the parent and gardeners blogging community we are sure to be the most wanted product this Christmas. Brandon wagons is the perfect accessory to be placed under the Christmas tree filled with gifts.

Children and Adults ride at own risk and responsibility. Thank You.